Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Enjoy the pictures. Here's what they are:
1. a view of the village- one of the small lake areas
2. Erin and Me with our Kant host moms and new counterparts after swearing in ceremony
3. My house in the village
4.-5. various views of the village
6. Me and the oldest two kids
7. Me with the my village parents
8. Me and my counterpart in Kant
9. My host dad and his huge fish that he caught in the lake
10. My host dad and the older kids
11. My Kant mom and little brother
12. Me and Ascat in the Kant park during my last night there
13. Nurila and Cezem on the horse that visited us in the village
14. the beautiful fall trees near the school
15. A picture of the village wide party that happened at the end of September


Anonymous said...

Thank you Dawn,

I really enjoy these. It looks amazing. I can see why you enjoy your work there.


ネイト said...


p.s. your hair looks good.

p.p.s. i secretly hope you come back w/ crazy long dreads and fulfill every peace corp stereotype i hold :P