Monday, September 15, 2008

Notices and Observations

September 14, 2008

After being in country for about two months I’ve made the following observations about myself.

1. Hygiene is one of the first aspects of yourself to change- it’s amazing how quickly one gets used to not bathing for three days (that includes the hair) and how quickly one learns to bathe with 14 oz of water.

2. Having someone else cook for you is not necessarily a bad thing, although one does quickly get tired of pasta and rice combinations

3. Tomatoes and cucumbers are the best thing at the table

4. Milk is sorely missed, as is really good cheese- milk is expensive here or very unsafe to drink for Americans and powered milk only goes so far

5. Breakfast has never been more appreciate; nor has a cup of chia latte ever tasted so good

6 snickers bars really do satisfy hunger, and taste amazingly well (I don’t really like them in the states, but they’re great here)

7. Juice is sorely missed (it’s expensive) and so I’ve quickly become a sprit drinker.. Ugh!!

8. My sweet tooth is not going to diminish while I’m here… they have more sweets than I can imagine

9. We eat ice-cream and watermelon a lot… and it gets old quickly

10. It’s amazing how quickly one learns to live without the internet, TV in English and news.

11. Eating outside is great, except the bees get really annoying

12. Studying language for four hours a day really isn’t a bad thing

13. Patience is quickly learned by being in a collectivist society but personal space is greatly horded

14. Outside showers really are not the bad… sometimes they’re even nicer

15. Outhouses are often better liked than indoor toilets… the indoor ones don’t usually work

16. Bazaars are crazy, stressful and fun places… especially ones in abandoned train cars

17. Dogs are not your friend… it’s ok to throw rocks at them… and oftentimes necessary to prevent biting

18. Kids go to school for free… which means… sometimes they just don’t go

19. Drying clothes is sorely missed…

20. Water is overrated

I could go on but I’ll leave it at that for now… once I get to permanent site I’ll provide more. Until then… enjoy!


Anonymous said...

its all in the adventure and more. we never know what we have until we don't have it.


ネイト said...

hehe u stink! 14 oz. Im impressed - your water bill will forever be cheaper! good job! in collective land is interesting!

ttys friend!