Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Culture Day Pictures

Kant Group (language & culture group)

Adilet (my LCF) playing the Cumus (Kyrgyz guitar)

Host Mom (Faya) and me

Shawn (fellow volunteer) and me in front of the Yurt

Adilet and I by the Yurt

Me in my Kyrgyz dress inside the Yurt


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. You look so cute! It is really good to see that smile on your face.

We love you so much. Thanks for taking on the world.


Jorge said...
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Patricia said...

Hello Dmaker,
I was 'googling' info on Kyrgyzstan a few days ago because I have a good friend, Daniel R., who is also serving in the peace corps and I came upon your blog. I haven't had much communication with him since he left and I was very glad to see that he was is one of your pics! I've also enjoyed reading your posts, it has helped fill in the gaps Daniel failed to mention on your trip from Phili to Bishkek. :)