Thursday, November 1, 2007


All this week on the wonderful, lovely Washington Metropolitation Transit System I've felt like a lemming. People get in, they find seats, they stand when there are no seats, they get squashed, they get off at their stop, then stand in nice orderly lines to go up the escaltors where we all pass our SmarTrip cards over the exit gates and head up to the streets. It's a vicious cycle and it's one that I experience day after day. Usually, I've never really noticed it. Maybe it's because my line (the green/yellow line) is never as busy as the other two major ones (blue/orange and red). They are always packed. Maybe it's because I don't deal with transfering lines unless I absolutely have to. (I avoid this by getting off at a green line station and walking down four blocks to work). Perhaps it's due to the fact there's been train problems and red line construction occurring recently. All I know is that for some reason the last few days I've felt like a lemming when riding.

I get up, get ready for work, walk to the bus station and catch the same bus. Then I get off the bus, go up the stairs to the train station and get on the train. I then get on the train ride for a while (yes, I can actually tell you the exact order of stops and how many) and then get off. Stand in line for the escalators and then proceed out. Later that day I do it all again. Sounds great, right? Ha ha. I don't mind public transportation at all, in fact, I'm a very strong advocate of it, and am very excited that the buses run on clean natural gas (it's so much more environmentally friendly and better for the air). Yet, for some reason this week I've been a lemming.

Perhaps I've just noticed people's lack of common sense more when riding the subway. I mean if it's packed people then don't get on, the next one is only two minutes behind. Also, put your bag on the ground and hold onto it. This lets more people on and less people becoming irritated. Oh, and this one is my favorite. Use all eight cars instead of six. There's a reason the trains are eight cars long, it's so we can spread out. Instead, we'll just cram into the same six cars. Seriously, people use some common sense. Then again, we're all just lemmings.

So in the end there's really not much that can be done. I've just found it ironic all of a sudden and, yes, in a few short hours I will once again be a lemming. Anyone care to join?

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Penn said...

Sheesh, after spending an easy $300 a month on gas to get Aaron to work, and me to work, I need to be a lemming!! There is one lemming-stop (hee hee) in Clermont and it goes to Orlando. None in Leesburg, none that go anywhere in the close vicinity to where I need to be at all.

I miss you- Sorry I haven't been able to call you back. I love you and hope things are well for you, my little lemming friend.