Sunday, November 11, 2007

Chipotle Christian Chat

Recently I have met a wonderful girl named Lata who is from Nepal. I met her at church, as she is one of the other few young single girls. She is also only here in DC for a year and works as civil engineer for an architecture company. She has only been in the states for two years and most of that time was spent in California where she attended school. Lately she has been picking me up for church and various other activities, such as a young adults dinner. From the moment I first started talking with her a few months ago I could tell that she was going to be someone that I could really talk to and share with. Today I was not disappointed.

We decided to go out to lunch today after church and went to a mexican restaurant called Chipotle in Silver Spring. Basically right before she had initially dropped me off after church we were talking about making decisions and how hard it can be trying to figure out the road God is wanting us to take. She had stated she had a really trying week before, as had I, and asked if we could just talk. I agreed, as I had no other plans, and boy was I glad that I accepted.

We talked for over three hours! We ate lunch, walked around the downtown area, and got a little lost both going and coming back. It didn't matter. For the first time since moving out here I was able to physically talk one on one with someone who understands. She is a very strong Christian, and a free one at that. Her story of faith is amazing and just listening to her talk and share really challenged and encouraged me. I knew I had met a kindred spirit.

We talked about barriers, walls, insecurities, how our faith has changed and what we were currently dealing with. I was able to open up to her in a way I have with few other people (for those of you who really know me this is a remarkable thing indeed). The really great thing is she gets me. That's something I'd been lacking out here. I have some friends out here but they're not Christians or are not free Christians. Therefore, they don't understand parts of me or what I'm even talking about. The conversations are usually superficial or only a little more. They are lacking in the deep real quality because to have those thoughts and feelings you have to have a deep, passionate relationship in Christ. Only then can you have conversations that truly knock your socks off, like I had today.

So cherish those who challenge you. Be thankful for their encouragement, understanding, and love. Most importantly, be on the lookout for those of like mind, for you never know when and how they'll appear. I'm looking forward to our next Chipotle Christian Chat.


Debbi said...

I think the Chipotle would be enough to make my day!!! Love that place! Glad you had a good conversation to join it though.

Penn said...

Wow, Dawn, I am so glad to hear you have found someone like Lata. That is great! I miss getting to talk to you like that- there are so many barriers between us. I'm praying for you, please keep praying for me too.
love you-