Monday, August 20, 2007

Calm in Chaos

This past weekend was a rather busy one for me. On Friday I went to a happy hour with some of the fellows at a local restaurant near work that provides a free cocktail. Although, I didn't drink I still had a nice time visiting and relaxing with them. It was such a nice night, cool, lovely clouds in the sky, shady, that I really enjoyed just talking with them. Then, after about an hour we all parted ways and I headed off to Borders to get a book that has been recommended to me. Sadly, after much searching and scouring the shop I had to order it. So I walked out of the friendly bookshop slightly down but still ready for the weekend.

Then chaos hit on Saturday. Talk about a busy day. I am a member of Flexcar (which allows me to rent a car for a specified amount of time without having to pay for gas and insurance). Well, as I was a novice about this entire experience I didn't realize just how high a demand there is for these cars. Needless to say I was not able to pick up the car from my local metro stop but had to proceed down to another stop to pick it up. So I'm thinking that's fine, no big deal. Well, of course there's train problems so I'm late getting it. Then I get lost trying to go two minutes down the road to the grocery store (it ended up taking 15mns). Finally, I'm thinking ok, I'll just go grocery shopping and not do Target since I don't have the time (I had to have the car back by 1pm). I then look at the posting placed there by the Flexcar people and read that I could extend my reservation. Woohoo!! So I did. I'm thinking that's perfect. I'll get everything done in time. Well I did manage to get most of my stuff from Target and Giants (although even with a list I still managed to forget stuff) and proceed back to my place, where unbeknownst to me the charts that are at the bottom of our building for our use for unloading are no longer there. So I make three trips up and quickly unload my cold stuff, grab my backpack (because I'm going into the city for a hike) and leave within a span of 10mns to drop the car off. I then encounter a final hurdle... Saturday traffic. Due to this I was late (only about 5mns) in dropping the car off. Talk about an exhausting and grueling trip. However, I learned on major lesson. Next time I'm getting a car on my Friday off, then I won't have the traffic and I'll be able to pick it up from my metro stop.

So here I am sitting on the train going into DC after that adventure in shopping. I was planning on visiting the Lincoln Memorial, as it's been a long time since I've seen it. To visit this I'm supposed to get off at Foggy-Bottom/GWU and then walk to it. The way I had been told it seemed like the monument was close by. It's not. I couldn't find it. Still have no idea how to get to it. I am very good with directions and I know how to read maps, and for the life of me I couldn't get to it. I'll try it again some other time but it wasn't meant to be. Instead I found something different, something that just blew me away. I found the Foggy-Bottom area. This area is home to George Washington University, close to Georgetown, and a very historic area. It was so peaceful, and beautiful. The architecture, the buildings, the nature all encompassed in this one area. What really blew me away was the calmness of it. Sure, I understand it was a Saturday and school was not in session at the college yet, but still it was like it's own world. I mean just three blocks up you enter into the urbanness of DC, and yet nothing like that was experienced here. It's like there was an invisible barrier surrounding this area that protected it from the city. I was just amazed by it. What really amazed me was the school setting. For graduate school I went to an urban centered school, and GW is one of those... and yet, not. This is a school that almost seems tucked away from the bustle of DC. It's a large campus with many buildings but there was none of the traditional urban feel to the campus. It had the air of rich history mixed in with quiet tranquility. I just felt like I was experiencing two different worlds. When I was walking from the area I truly felt like I was walking through some boundary... it was very surreal, and another place that I have grown fond of.

So for now, no matter what chaos may be surrounding you always look for the calm. You may be surprised where you find it.


Mom said...

What I want to know - Is there a fee for the five minutes late.


The Penn's said...

Thanks for hooking me up with your new blogsite. I have one too now. I'm glad you enjoyed your hike. I miss hiking in pretty weather. I hate FL.