Thursday, September 17, 2009

Commong Things

After 1 year here’s what I’ve become used to and what I may have problems with back in the USA:

  • no microwave: gotten used to semi warm food or cold leftovers
  • wearing the same work outfit for an entire week: partly it’s because I’ve gotten lazy, another because it’s just easier and also because I don’t have enough clothes for a different day of the week
  • washing my hair once or twice a week
  • going weeks without a “bath”
  • flies: really they’re everywhere
  • starting everything at least 30 minutes after its “scheduled” time
  • every child saying “hello” to me
  • my cat constantly sitting on my lap trying to grab for bread
  • power shortages
  • very bad roads
  • marshukas: be thankful for the transportation options in the states; they really are good
  • distilled water: I think I’ve forgotten what a tap, and tap water, is
  • electric shocks: if you’ve seen the “power outlets” here you’d understand
  • homemade jam: it’s really really good
  • bread and tea for two meals a day
  • backyard gardens: it’s really great to be able to go pick one’s own apples, apricots, pears or raspberries
  • students standing up when a teacher enters (although it’s always a little weird when this happens)
  • hearing, and sometimes speaking, 3 languages: Kyrgyz, English, Russian
  • 2 prong plugs, really what’s the need for the 3rd?
  • deodorant, toothpaste, lotion, toothbrushes costing over $3 (for a volunteer this is expensive)
  • a seasonal diet: really be thankful that in the states this is not a problem
  • excellent medical care: it’s actually the best I’ve ever received, and it’s free: how many of you can say that?
  • Non-smiling Kyrgyz pictures: they don’t smile in pictures
  • Gold teeth: it takes getting used to but definitely grows on you
  • Tea all the time, no matter season, time or occasion
  • 3 land topography: beach, desert and mountains, it’s actually really unique and cool
  • Russian TV and music
  • Not flushing toilet paper down a toilet, throwing it into a basket to be burned
  • No trash cans

    There is a lot more that I currently cannot think of… hope you’ve enjoyed the above!

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Anonymous said...

Hi there.
my name is marguba, and i'm an uzbek girl from Kyrgyzstan.Currently i live in the states(Idaho). I'm so happy being here, i love the place i live, people, culture and much more.
i'm married to american guy, and actually we're a very happy couple.
I've been reading your article about living and surviving in kyrgyzstan, and all i can see is- Bless You! i can't thank you enough for bringing such a huge difference in my society, i feel very bad for all of you guys, i wish everything was better, but i hope that's what unique about my country, all the obstacles and challanges, but yet people are much happier i think.i do wish you a good luck, and please take care of yourself!Rahmat!