Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Readjustment Quirks

I’ve already begun to notice many things that I will have to get used to when I go back to the States. Some of them are significant and some are humorous but all are true.

peanut butter- I’ve gotten used to all natural here, and it’s wonderful, and so I think I’ll have to go with that back in America

toilet paper- the stuff here is a lot of crepe paper, not very soft- so I’m not sure what I’ll do with soft, white stuff

equality- women here are definitely not treated equally, although they are the ones that run the household and usually have jobs

trash cans- not really existent here so it’s going to be a sight to see, and to use them

flushable, indoor toilets- although I’ve realized that at the time the outhouse is better, but squatting does take it’s tole after a while, but I’m not sure I’ll remember to flush the toilet paper in the toilet instead of in a wastebasket

no power problems- in the states I won’t have to worry about power outages, non grounded lines, lack of good quality sockets nor random sparks- that will very nice

English- it’ll be weird to speak it again all the time and I have a feeling it’ll be bad when I first get back into it

time- for good or bad time is very different here. Some days it’s incredibly frustrating but other days nice to have a more relaxed feel and pace, so going back into the hustle and bustle of America will be weird

reliable transportation- not really existent here so having reliable transportation will be wonderful

cooking- once again I’ll have to cook again for myself, which I’ve realized I’m not that great of a cook. I’ve grown accustomed to having meals prepared for me so I’m not sure what I’ll do when I have to cook on my own

no kids- I won’t have my host siblings around anymore. That will be interesting…

food variety- there is definitely a lack of variety in diet and it’ll be nice to have that once again

raisins and apricots- I eat these all the time everyday and so I think I won’t want them

showers- it’ll be nice, but weird at first, to be able to shower everyday

no power struggles- power between people, groups and organizations does exist but it’ll be nice not be inadvertently pulled into it with no chance for defense

no sheep meat- Yay!

hot water, shoot water indoors- I look forward to not having to go get water from buckets all the time

stores- yeah be thankful you can run to a store at any time of the day and get anything you need, that doesn’t exist here

lined paper- it’s a big deal and it missed

dollars- I’ve think I’ve forgotten how those work, it’ll be nice to use them again

long, fluffy beds- I’m short and there are times when I hit the end of the bed, plus they’re not really that comfortable

beautiful scenery- this place is beautiful and really no matter what season or time it’s gorgeous

people- the people here have their faults and sometimes it can be hard to interact with them but they are unique and will be missed, they are also very beautiful

cell phone units- I’ve actually gotten used to the whole buy units as you go and really like it, I really don’t want to go back to a plan

church- there are English churches in the capital but none near where I live. It would be nice to be able to go at times

mirrors- long mirrors really don’t exist- it’ll be nice to see all of me again

paved roads, roads in general- the roads here are bad, some, like in my village are not paved, they will once again be appreciated

driver’s licenses- people here need driving school, enough said

mountains and hiking- this is a great country to explore, climb mountains and hike- that will be missed

animal noises- sheep baying outside my window, dogs barking and attacking, donkeys baying- all will be missed.

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