Tuesday, February 3, 2009

More Lessons Learned

More Lessons Learned:

- sheep can walk on two legs
- size really doesn't matter
- a martshuka always has room for more people
- guesting can literally take all day
- clothes are not considered dirty until you've worn them for three consecutive weeks straight
- washing hair once a week really is no big deal
- besh barmak really gets your hands dirty
- most dogs here are really mean
- lined paper is a non-existent
- mechanical pencils do not exist
- pens never work
- people still think you speak Russian even though you've had a 30 minute conversation in Kyrgyz
- there are no street signs
- water is a valued, and scarce, commodity
- everyone is a farmer
- no heat, no school for three months
- regional dialects stink
- time here is so completely different than the states, yet no one seems bothered by it
- oranges in winter are heaven
- soup in winter gets very old very quickly
- borsak is not all it's cracked up to be
- people can change here, the smallest word, or deed can make a difference
- there's way too much candy
- most people look way older than they actually are
- Kyrgyz story books do not exist
- language is a never ending battle
- dogs can give hugs
- rooster meat is yummy
- children are children no matter where
- they love to dance
- privacy is precious
- I do live in a fishbowl
- not having a boyfriend is a hard concept to understand
- I have many potential matchmakers
- they think I'm a doctor even though I constantly say I'm not
- a hot banya is amazing a warm one, not so much
- tea gets really old really fast
- juice is awesome and worth the price
- they eat a lot of bread, I mean tons
- cats eat bread, not other food
- my room is awesome
- classes here are interesting
- health is a foreign concept
- lots of problems abound
- it's a very generous community


Anonymous said...

More Lessons Learned, sounds like the states with a bifferent lanange. Tea dose not get old to everyone just to people who do not drink it a lot. Kids are always kids. They want everything you can not give them. To much candy is always around and will make you bounce off walls if given to much. But life still goes on and we take it a day at a time. Just remeber that you are loved and missed and will have family to help you though. Love ya, Tammy

Anonymous said...

Of all the lessons that we learn in life; the ones that teach us the most are the best. You are definately learning the most.

I love you,