Friday, January 9, 2009

Kyrgyzstan Randomness

Kyrgyzstan Randomness:

- snow doesn’t keep animals from eating the grass, they somehow seem to find it

- I am now considered a Kyrgyz girl because of my new Kyrgyz winter hat and coat

- sometimes, at night, with the moon shining on our barren trees it reminds me of some weird, twisted scary place that would be put in a movie

- a bucket full of snow makes very little water

- dogs will fight for no apparent reasons

- my room is very toasty

- hygiene is the first thing to go in winter

- holidays are a good time for food

- my language has gotten loads better, although I still can’t say a lot

- I can now be funny in Kyrgyz!

- sometimes culture and culture practices are not understood

- I don’t remember children’s names

- I have the hardest time understanding schoolchildren, especially the ones who get louder and talk faster when you ask them to talk slower

- people here love to dance and have their picture taken

- the internet is precious

- traveling is a hassle

- no matter their way of life people have amazing ideas and are very insinuative

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Random things are always those that impress someone the most. You are getting your feel of those.

Great thought and outlook.