Saturday, July 19, 2008

Things I've done during my first week in Kyrgyzstan:

July 13, 2008

Taken a shower at a Soviet Union hotel and really found out it’s a hose attached to the bathtub faucets that you spray around yourself

Taken two summer showers (water from a large barrel descends over you while you shower in the woods)

Used outhouses: not fun, aim improves; squatting makes your legs go to sleep

Ridden a martshuka and taxi and survived both

Ripped by big red bag… tear tear, sad times

Termed my floor at the hotel the shining because of fallen plaster… large holes and mysterious dark open doors that lead to nowhere

Seen inside a yurt… it’s beautiful

Drunk gallons of tea already

That’s just a few things… I’ll detail more.

Items to send quickly:
- just don’t everyone send me them… please talk to one another… I don’t need tons of them

Pack of cds to burn pictures
Café latte mix
LOST Season 3 (please pack carefully so it doesn’t get lost… its not for me but for the other volunteers)
Taeboo workout DVD (there’s a great beginner’s one on Amazon)

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