Friday, January 4, 2008

Reasons for Resolutions

When the new year comes around many people make resolutions. Those resolutions often involve some sort of weight loss or eating less junk food. Too few of us really ever keep those resolutions past a few weeks and so I find myself thinking what really is the point of a "New Years Resolution." Why do we make one at that particular time instead of any other time? What has changed within us that will allow us to keep the particular goal?

I think we often make the resolution because it's popular and the norm. We make a statement with no intention of ever keeping it. To me that is a complete waste. Why state a goal when there is nothing in our lives that will allow us to keep the resoultion? I believe in order to truly grow as a person, to truly change, we have to be willing to change ourselves and mean it. When stating a goal, no matter how frivolus, we should want to make sure it comes true, not just stating it to be cool. Resolutions show who we are as people and what we want our character to be. Therefore, they should not be stated lightly or without any real want for change.

Look at your resolutions and see what they say about you and your intention.

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Debbi said...

I think people make resolutions in relation to the person they wish they were. A new year brings a clean slate and the hope that maybe they can really change. I don't think most resolutions made are to "feel cool" or go along w/the crowd. I believe most do hope and intend to keep thier matter what may later change that path. Its a new year, why not dream a little?